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Skinnydipper Recreation Club and Surrey United Naturists

Polar Bare Plunge


Polar bares on the ice.

The Skinnydipper Recreation Club each year joins with Surrey's other nude-recreational organization, the Surrey United Naturists (SUN), to co-host the annual Polar Bare Plunge at Crescent Rock Beach in south Surrey, B.C.

This clothing-optional swim is held on the beach at the Crescent Rock boulder, which is a 10 minute walk south from Crescent Beach or a short stroll down from the 101 Steps staircase at the west end of 24th Avenue in Surrey.
See the map at the bottom of this article.

This is a charity event with donations being collected for the War Amps PLAYSAFE and CHAMPS programs benefiting childhood amputee victims and highlighting the danger to pedestrians from the nearby BNSF railway. We ask that everyone who attends, whether to swim or to cheer on those brave enough to take the plunge, bring a cash donation for this worthy cause. Those coming to this event are reminded to stay on the beach path and keep off the train tracks for their own personal safety.

We'd like all naturists and nudists from throughout the Fraser Valley who support the official recognition of Crescent Rock Beach as Surrey's version of Vancouver's Wreck Beach to come out and attend this clothing-optional swim.

The Polar Bare Plunge starts at 1:00pm on Nude Year's Day, January 1st. Registration is free and begins at 12:00 noon. Being a nude swim, your one-button bathing suit is the appropriate attire but festive accessories such as hats, scarves or body paint are always welcome. Secure sandals or aqua shoes are recommended for the somewhat rocky shore leading to the sand flats. Prizes will be awarded for best costume, longest swim, plus oldest and youngest swimmer. We will have hot chocolate and coffee to help polar bares thaw out after the plunge.


For previous Polar Bare Plunge records, click here.

Mad Hatter Swim Club

With the 2014 Polar Bare Plunge, we started a new club. It costs nothing to join, has no formal meetings, no officers and no committess. It's the Mad Hatter Swim Club. To be an official member you must participate in all three New Years Day swims and abide by the following rules:

1.) Provide photographic evidence of your participation in each of the Polar Bear swims, at White Rock, Crescent Rock Beach and English Bay, to the Skinnydipper Recreation Club.

2.) You must participate in the Crescent Rock Beach Polar Bare Plunge nude.

3.) You must provide a release (form will be provided) to the Skinnydipper Recreation Club permitting your name and photographs that you provided, to be used on their website and promotional materials.


We will maintain a 'Mad Hatter Swim Club' page on our website where we will give recognition to the participants each year. Just click the link to see the results.






The following map should help you find us. If you need driving or walking directions to the site, enter your starting address in the "Starting From" box and click on the "Get Directions" button:

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Have a Happy Nude Year!