Other Local Nudist Events

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  • Local Swims

    Nude and Clothing Optional events in the Greater Vancouver Area
    In this section you will find descriptions of the other swims happening in the Greater Vancouver area as well as events that the Skinnydipper Recreation Club participates in either as a contributor or as a co-organiser.

    Generally speaking, to be included in this section, an event must satisfy the following criteria:

    1. It must have a "nude" or "clothing optional" dress code.
    2. It must be operated, organised or hosted by an existing local nudist or naturist organisation. This includes events co-hosted by the Skinnydipper Recreation Club in public areas such as beaches or parks.
    3. It must be easily accessible by those interested in nude recreation. For example, some of the clubs hosting nude or clothing optional swims have a membership requirement but make membership very easy. Events on Crescent Rock Naturist Beach or Wreck Beach and similar locations are accessible to the general public.