NIFTY means Naked Iconoclasts Fighting The Yoke

NIFTY swim nights are usually held from September through June, on the last Saturday of each month at Templeton Pool.
NIFTY may also offer additional clothing optional swims at Renfrew or other pools.
NIFTYclothing optional swims may be scheduled at Renfrew Pool on the fourth Saturday in months that have five Saturdays.

General conditions:

Membership is mandatory; apply at the swim. Annual dues by donation.

Time: depends on swim location.

Admission: As admission fees may change, we list them only in our events calendar listings.

Lockers: depends on swim location.

Following each swim night there is usually a get together for snacks at a local restaurant. Check with the front desk for location.

All NIFTY swims are clothing optional.


This article is intended to provide general information to our members and site visitors. We offer no guarantee of accuracy since the event operators may change dates, times, locations, admission fees and other particulars without notice. The reader is advised to visit the website of the event operator or sponsor or contact them directly for confirmation of event details.