Bronze Single Membership (new or renewal)

The main purpose of a Bronze membership is to make it possible for people who may wish to attend Skinnydipper Recreation Club events only infrequently or not at all, to get membership in the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR). Through our Bronze membership, we are able to offer AANR membership at a lower cost than is possible by dealing directly with AANR. In addition, AANR memberships are paid in Canadian dollars which saves you even more. Bronze members who wish to attend Skinnydipper Recreation Club events must pay a surcharge in addition to the regular admission fee.

New Bronze Single Membership

Thank you for applying to join the Skinnydipper Recreation Club at the Bronze level. Please ensure that you fill in all of the required information.

Total Amount
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Single Info
The club member barcode is a 9-digit code comprising 4 digits for the year first joined, 2 digits for the month and 3 digits for the sequence within that year and month. Standard format is: yyyymmnnn. Example: 200907065, the member first joined the club in July 2009 and was the 65th person to join that month. Note: If this is a new membership application, the Club Member Barcode will be entered by the Membership Secretary. If this is a renewal, the number should already be entered.
Government issued photo ID to be used in support of your memebership application. Examples include Canadian Provincial, Territorial or National: Driver's license, Government ID card, Indian Status card, Passport or their equivalents from another country.
The official, unique number (registration number, certificate number, license number, etc.)